Guy makes dickish comment on Facebook, community outraged

Australia’s Jewish community can be a pretty scary place, at least, according to a fellow named Michael Brull. Brull was recently subjected to a pretty nasty comment on Facebook by one Jarryd Rubenstein, in response to Brull’s not-quite-as-nasty-but-still-kinda-dickish rantings against the Australian Jewish community for its (/our) supposed moral obloquy and total failure to understand the evil that […]

Australia needs a national story

I just read a piece in the Weekend Australian by Greg Craven, vice-chancellor of the Australian Catholic University, decrying the lack of a civic narrative in Australia. I could not agree more. Craven uses the current struggles with terrorism as a hook to introduce the subject, but, as explained below, I think the message applies far […]

Free Speech, Art Fraud, and Police Racism

It’s all happening right here. Sometimes I think that my media presence is like a CFMEU work site — weeks of inactivity followed by sudden bursts of actual work. Things that have been happening recently: I was involved in a court case concerning an allegedly forged artwork. I went to Palm Island and was interviewed for […]

Hate Speech and Free Speech — my Limmud Oz talk

For those of you who missed it (most of you I’m guessing), I spoke at Limmud Oz in Melbourne on 8 June 2014. One of my talks was on (surprise surprise) the section 18C debate. It had a nice write-up in the AJN: The Price of Free Speech Peter Kohn, Australian Jewish News, 13 June 2014 […]

Palm Island class action: media coverage

Following on from yesterday’s post, here is the media coverage which the case has been getting this week. I expect that it will pick up a little on Wednesday when the town hall meeting happens. The story was first picked up by local paper the Townsville Bulletin, in which the op-out notice will be running as […]

Palm Island class action

Just in case anyone has been wondering what I’ve been up to since I left AIJAC, here you go:   PRESS RELEASE: Levitt Robinson launches Palm Island Racial Discrimination class action against QLD Gov’t Jun 27, 2014 Auspol, Australian Politics, Class Actions, CMC, Doomadgee, FCA, Federal Court, Human Rights, lawsuit, Lex Wotton, Mulrunji, Palm Island, Palm Island Riots,Queensland Government, racial discrimination, Tony Abbott HOT on the heels of […]

Submission re proposed changes to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act

Most readers would probably be aware of the current review which Federal Attorney-General George Brandis is conducting of his Exposure Draft of changes to s 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Commonwealth). That little provision happens to have been the topic of my honours thesis and much of my writing over the past two or […]

Kids banned from learning lessons at school

Apparently, kids these days are spending their playground time making bracelets out of multicoloured rubber bands and then trading them with each other. And that’s kids of both genders — boys and girls. That’s not quite what happened when I was little. I remember seeing girls making bracelets for each other from bits of string, but […]

The argument for anti-defamation laws

Whilst this whole 18C debacle has been going on, I have had some very interesting arguments with John Humphreys from the Australian Libertarian Society, one of which concerned defamation. John handily canvassed the case against defamation laws in a 2010 blog post and since I am now free to write whatever I like for at least another week, I […]